St Ternan’s Church Register

St. Ternan’s Scottish Episcopal Church Muchalls has produced a CD-ROM which contains a direct copy of the register containing the Baptisms/Birth, Confirmations, Marriage and Burial/Deaths of the congregation from 1729 – 1881 in jpg form (digitally copied from the original register by Dundee University Archives Department).

An index of the register entries in alphabetical and date order is included using Microsoft Word. The index was compiled by a group of volunteers from the Congregation and contains 2000 plus entries.

The original register, which has been conserved at considerable cost to the congregation, is held in the Archive Department of Dundee University. The church register presently in use at St. Ternan’s starts where the old one finished in 1881.

The register is a fascinating record about the congregation of ‘The Episcopal Church at Muchalls’ or as it is now known St.Ternan’s, Muchalls. It is a testament to the hardiness, determination and strong spirit of the people who laboured in the fishing villages and farm toons in this northern part of Kincardineshire.